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We've compiled and categorized the following list of 100+ Chinese podcasts below to help you find Chinese content that truly interests you. Listening to interesting content will serve as a huge boost to your Chinese listening and vocabulary skill levels by giving you higher levels of language input with native-speed Chinese speech.

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How to use…

Listed categories are those listed for the channel in Apple Podcasts and may be less descriptive than desired. For more detailed descriptions of these channels, try reading channel descriptions in the Apple Podcasts app or the小宇宙 podcasts app. You can also take a look at the resources listed on this page, as these typically contain more detail about each channel. Using 小宇宙 is highly recommended, because every single podcast episode typically comes with more information as well as a comment thread.

Practicing with Podcasts...

I personally believe that this type of listening practice is the most difficult option because there are no transcripts or subtitles to go along with the audio, as is very common on nearly all forms of Chinese language video content. If you are at the level where you struggle to understand audio-only content, it’s advised to practice listening with this type of content primarily when you are not able to watch subtitled video content, such as while driving, walking, exercising, etc. Video content will add much greater context when learning new vocabulary and will allow you to check your understanding by reviewing the subtitles.

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