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We've compiled and categorized the following list of 150+ Chinese films below to help you find Chinese content that truly interests you. Watching hours of interesting video will serve as a huge boost to your Chinese listening and vocabulary skill levels by giving you high levels of language input in an immersive visual environment, bringing full context to the vocabulary.

When viewing this page on mobile, we recommend tapping "View larger version" in the bottom right of the table and turning your phone sideways to use the table more easily.

How to use...

Use the filters in heading row to filter for your desired genre, director, etc. Once you’ve selected a film title you’d like to investigate further, we recommend you tap the link in the final column titled “Film Details Reference Link”. These links (in most cases) will direct you to a relevant Wikipedia article. (Note: there may be spoilers, so beware!)

You can also enter the English title of the film into the search on to find more information and, often, a trailer for the film. These trailers are typically in English so our preference is to search the Chinese movie title on YouTube followed by “预告” meaning “preview.”

Where to stream films…

You may be surprised to find that many Chinese films can be found in their entire feature length on YouTube. Search the Chinese title of the film. If the full length film doesn’t immediately show in the YouTube search results, try clicking “Filters” for advanced search options and then under Duration, click “Long (>20 minutes).” As another option, often lists other streaming websites which offer specific films. Netflix offers some Chinese language films, so it’s worth checking there as well and watching with the use of the “Language Learning with Netflix” Chrome extension. Additionally, you can try searching on Chinese YouTube-style platforms such as Youku, TuDou, and Bilibili.

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