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Considering implementing JinbuPal in your classroom? 

JinbuPal’s mission and implementation both well-align with the findings of prominent academic research in L2 Chinese Second Language Acquisition (SLA). When adopting JinbuPal for your classroom, feel assured that your students are utilizing techniques which not only instill self-confidence and create sustained intrinsic motivation, but also are highly effective for SLA and result in rapid progress gains.

JinbuPal’s Goal

At JinbuPal, we know how difficult most people perceive Chinese language learning to be. That’s why our primary goal is instilling our learners with confidence by focusing on rapid progress in early stages of Chinese acquisition. Developing confident and highly motivated learners yields long-term progress and sustained language learning so that they exhibit learner-autonomy as well as desire to seek out and engage with comprehensible input on topics in which they have a high degree of personal interest.

Progress Drives Confidence and Motivation

Focusing on motivation for Chinese language students is essential, especially given the perception that Chinese is incredibly difficult for L2 learning. Combating low re-enrollment rates in the Chinese classroom requires convincing not only students, but also their parents, of their potential for long-term self-efficacy by demonstrating undisputable short-term success. At JinbuPal, we view the early stages of study as a crucial period for laying a solid confidence-based foundation, engaging all aspects which are known to positively influence continuation of Chinese language study.

Research tells us that fostering sustained motivation in Chinese language learners well-correlates with several motivating factors: enhancing confidence, fostering learner autonomy, self-efficacy. 

Confidence and Self-Efficacy

JinbuPal provides students real-time progress feedback with the JinbuPal Score, a key metric showing them what percentage of characters they should be able to recognize on average in any real-world text. JinbuPal’s data is backed by our corpus of roughly 3.2 million Chinese characters taken from fiction and non-fiction works. Watch students’ confidence soar as they approach up to the total 95% character recognition and 90% word recognition possible in the JinbuPal database. Approaching genuine texts on topics they enjoy adds to this empowerment when they see their JinbuPal score come to life, already recognizing the vast majority of characters they encounter. 

Learner Autonomy

JinbuPal’s flexible interface affords students the freedom to explore their curiosity and learn whatever sticks easiest for them each day, allowing their learning to always take the path of least resistance. JinbuPal empowers students to take control of their learning and trains their mindset to look for ways to leverage technology to maximize learning.

Not surprisingly, sustained motivation similarly depends on the avoidance or mitigation of demotivating factors and known contributors to Foreign Language Anxiety (FLA), most notably avoiding reinforcement of the belief that Chinese language learning is near-impossibly difficult. 

Students find Genuine Content based on their interests

Struggling with finding engaging real-world content for your students? To solve this problem, we’ve created the JinbuPal Content Library, an enormous database of Chinese language YouTube channels, movies, TV shows, and podcasts each categorized by topics of interest. Let your students individually or as a class select content to enjoy and practice their listening skills. Students can both have fun and increase their Chinese language input when they have readily available content in the target language that, most importantly, aligns with their personal interests.

Features for Educators

  • Instructor Portal – Monitor your students’ progress with real-time data of your class’s app usage and JinbuPal Score progress.
  • License Management – Manage your organization’s licenses from your Instructor account. Link accounts for your current semester and unlinked accounts to free up licenses for the next semester. Student’s are able to maintain their account and purchase an individual subscription after completing your course.

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