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Learning Solution for Your Business

JinbuPal empowers your multi-functional team to reach high level Mandarin or Cantonese competency with language skills specific to each teammate's role.


Why choose JinbuPal for your organization?

The JinbuPal learning method closely follows prominent language learning research which highlights Comprehensible Input as the answer to language acquisition. Competing professional language learning solutions often provide a class format or directly provide learning resources to your team which do not provide adequate language input. Compared with expensive in-person training courses that may only last a week, JinbuPal's affordable pricing supports the longer timeline required for success and allows your diverse team to tailor their individual language skills to align with their needs and professional roles within your organization.

JinbuPal’s self-guided learning approach results in a team with diverse competency in language topics applicable to your business. Compared to traditional learning methods which follow a set curriculum, JinbuPal results in a stronger network of language knowledge amongst your team since all teammates independently acquire language competency that collectively covers a much larger overall scope.

Progress you can see!

JinbuPal sets your team up for rapid progress! Your team continually tracks their progress with real-time data, building confidence for just how fast they can excel in Chinese, all by focusing on the most useful content first.

We track progress using statistical data for each character and word to provide a single metric for each user, their JinbuPal Score, which shows what percentage of Chinese content they can recognize.

Did you know your team members can already recognize over 80% of what they see in native-level written Chinese content related to their role just after learning less than 500 characters? (That's shorter than these three paragraphs!)

Teammates build confidence with real-time analysis of authentic content applicable to their role and expertise.

The JinbuPal Chrome Extension links with each teammate's JinbuPal account data, allowing them to instantly analyze Chinese language webpages to assess their progress.

Teammates see their JinbuPal Score come to life, visualizing what percentage of Chinese characters they already recognize from authentic texts and boosting their confidence for approaching authentic content directly applicable to their professional needs and career goals.

Free Consulting and Content Curation provided by JinbuPal

Let our language learning experts personally curate content that specifically addresses your organization's unique needs. By working directly with us, we can ensure your teammates spend less time searching for applicable learning content, saving them time to focus on advancing their Chinese skills and building confidence in the areas that will provide the highest impact toward their individual goals.

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