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JinbuPal Featured on Nina_pf YouTube Channel

Hey everyone! This will be a quick blog post today, but I just wanted to give a shout out about a recent interview David and I had with Nina of the Nina_pf YouTube channel regarding JinbuPal. Check out this video to hear David and I discuss more about our motivations for starting JinbuPal and our […]

Buying Chinese Books from Amazon

One great way to improve your Chinese skill level is to drastically increase the amount of language input you receive through both intensive and extensive reading. We have several other blog posts which discuss online tools that you can used to scaffold your Chinese learning, such as pop-up dictionaries and reading apps. However, it’s helpful […]

Buying Chinese Books from

Are you interested in increasing the amount of Chinese input you get through reading practice? If you’ve read our other posts about the Input Hypothesis, you know that language input through extensive reading is the most effective way to increase your language proficiency. I try to use apps and Chrome extensions on my phone and […]

Ways to Jumpstart Your Chinese Number Listening Skills

If you’re like me, developing solid listening skills is one of the most challenging parts of learning Chinese. I have multiple other posts and videos dedicated to practicing your listening skills by watching videos on YouTube (posts here and here), but today I want to talk about something new. The interesting thing about listening skills […]