About | Jinbupal


JinbuPal is more than an app for learning Mandarin Chinese, it’s a method designed to reach high proficiency quickly and help you on your way to a successful self-taught language learning journey. 

What’s different about JinbuPal?

JinbuPal places focus in different areas than most conventional language learning courses and programs. Most programs focus heavily on survival vocabulary with examples like going to a restaurant or buying clothes in a store. This is for the obvious reason that you will definitely need this survival vocabulary if you’re living in China. But have you ever considered if this is actually the fastest way to learn as a beginner?

Learning from small sets of survival-based vocabulary leaves you with a mindset similar to, “learning Chinese is so difficult that I should limit myself to this small set of vocabulary.” Thinking this way limits you and causes you to encounter far less vocabulary because you aren’t reading genuine content. Instead, JinbuPal’s goal is to get you to a high level of competency of the language overall so that learning necessary survival vocabulary becomes a simple task on top of the already wide vocabulary you will possess.

We’re serious about language learning!

At JinbuPal, we are so focused on your rapid progress that we are designed to be an app you only need for one year. Our goal is to build you to a level of strong proficiency and self-reliance in between 6 months to 1 year! If you’re serious about learning Mandarin Chinese, you are in the right place! 

What makes learning with JinbuPal so fast?

Think for a moment about learning Chinese like trying to form a giant web or network of information. As you form more relationships with different vocabulary in your mind, the web grows and learning new information becomes gradually easier. Let’s be honest with ourselves, you’re going to need a massive vocabulary network to communicate effectively, so why bog yourself down learning small, very specific sets of words if they aren’t sticking well and are slowing you down? Most importantly, why focus on those words if they aren’t very commonly used? We focus on rapid progress at all costs because as your network of vocabulary grows, learning new characters and words becomes exponentially easier. Combine this idea with all of the tools packed into JinbuPal and you’ve got a recipe for rapid success and soaring confidence. 

So what are you waiting for? Get started for free today!