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Learning Chinese
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JinbuPal allows you to excel quickly by tracking your knowledge of the most commonly used characters and words.

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All the tools you need to learn the most frequently used characters fast

The JinbuPal method is different than other guided language learning programs. We put you in the driver’s seat so you decide what to learn based on your own personal learning style.

JinbuPal’s side-by-side card layout allows you to see the big picture and offers a studying experience which feels more like natural reading, preparing you for a seamless transition to seeking out real-world content.

The Chinese language learning system that sets you apart from the pack.

JinbuPal’s card-based system is designed to ensure you continually progress in your skill level by helping you make progress every single day, no matter how small. That’s why JinbuPal lets you track your progress by breaking down characters into their separate components (pinyin, tone, and meaning) so you don’t feel pressured to master all of these skills at once.

Unlike traditional randomized flashcards, JinbuPal’s filters and sorts make it effortless to handpick cards for daily review, so that your studying always follows the path of least resistance.

Progress you can see!

JinbuPal puts you on track for rapid progress! But don’t just take our word for it! Continually track your progress with real-time data to prove to yourself just how fast you can excel in Chinese, all by focusing on the most useful content first.

We track your progress using statistical data for each character to provide you with a single metric, your JinbuPal Score, which shows you what percentage of Chinese content you can recognize. Did you know you can recognize over 80% of what you see in genuine Chinese content just by knowing less than 500 characters?

A different kind of tool

JinbuPal is optimized to capture what really matters for effective learning, so you can rest easy knowing whatever you choose to study is worthwhile. Use our many tools to handpick more of what comes naturally for you and worry less about what’s slowing you down.

Daily Focus

See your proficiency grow with every character and word you learn.


Sort characters and words by frequency, pinyin, stroke count and more.


Advanced filtering to hone in on exactly what you want to practice.

Discover authentic content anywhere online.

The JinbuPal Chrome Extension links with your JinbuPal account data, allowing you to instantly analyze Chinese language webpages. See your JinbuPal Score come to life and determine what percentage of Chinese characters you've already studied from authentic texts, boosting your confidence while seeking out content you enjoy.

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